Critical Thought Inspiration

In Mike's words: “the thing I noticed about people that were amazing problem solvers is that they always seem to have a shape associated with how they structured a lot of information. Based on that, I try to find a way to turn intangible things into real shapes with structure. There’s a lot of geometry involved that ranges from the very simple to the complex.” 

Plato referred to all thing having shape and form as their essence. Mathematician Richard Feynman said that one should be able to draw a solution on a napkin. Both Christ and Marcus Aurelias spoke of similar signs associated with finding truth. Christ said, “You will know them by their fruits,” while Aurelias said, “what is the nature of this thing you seek? Ask, ‘what does it do?’” All of these profound views proved and still prove to be very useful to Mike. 

Part of his “why message” is really about anyone, including himself, to have belief in attaining the things one seeks via methods that are based on these amazing philosophies. With all of the modules from personal Cameos to Music making in Mike’s world, he is also working with scientists from Cambridge University to verify his methods, as well as using his methods supported by physics models on finding the nature of information. See an interview with Mike done by Cambridge University’s, Andres-Canales Johnson here. Navigate to his “sciences” page here to examine his reader’s poll winning system for improvising on a musical instrument called, “The GRID.” The GRID in the shape of a drop down menu:

The Grid onscreen

"My software engineering background came in awfully handy with regard to programming my brain. It doesn’t mean I fix a screen door, or open a kid’s toy wrapped in impossibly impenetrable plastic, but this all helps with understanding the basic purposes and nature of many disciplines."

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